Friday, August 21, 2009

Ready for School

We are all ready for school to start. We finished school supply shopping about a week and a half ago. I had to go to 5 or 6 stores to find everything (and I never did find Prang Watercolors.) I can't imagine trying to do that at the lastCheck Spellingt minute after things are picked over. We bought an extra set of supplies because last year there were some kids in Maddie's class who didn't bring supplies. She was so good about remembering to get double of everything we picked out. It was so sweet, she asked if they were for a boy or a girl and I said I didn't know, so she made it a point to pick out colors of everything that a boy or a girl would like. She is such a sweetie. I couldn't believe when I found out from one of my friends who is a teacher the amount of money teachers spend on supplies. So hopefully that set will help a tiny bit.

Anyway, her backpack came in a couple days ago. I found it in the Pottery Barn catalog and thought it was adorable. I know that Pottery Barn is way too expensive, but their stuff is such good quality and they stand behind it.

Side note story....For Christmas one year we bought the girls each an anywhere chair with their name monogrammed on it. They loved them for watching tv in the mornings and the covers came off so that we could wash them in the washing machine. About a month after Christmas the next year the zipper on Maycee's broke. So I decided to order her a new cover since you can't use the chair without the cover because of he way it is made. I called to order and wanted hem to look up the previous order to make sure the font on the monogram would match and when they saw it was only a little over their year warranty they said they were replacing it for free. Now that is customer service. They monogrammed a new one and sent to us. We didn't pay shipping or anything and on top of that they didn't need me to send the old one back which saved me a trip to the post office. Now that is customer service!!!

Anyway it was funny because Maddie wanted the solid color one, but I wanted polka dots. We talked about it back and forth for about 2 weeks and then we got a new catalog with this picture of some kids wearing the backpacks. They were standing in front of a blackboard with their grade written next to them. They girl wearing the polka dot backpack in the picture said 3rd grade and suddenly that was the one Maddie wanted. LOL.

She wanted Maddie, not Madeline monogrammed on it. She never wants anything monogrammed with Madeline and she doesn't like to be called Madeline.'s might be because the only time we call her that is when she's in trouble.

On Wednesday, Maddie got her postcard saying who her new teacher is. Her name is Mrs. Hardin and Maddie is very excited. She remembered her from last year and said she is very nice. She is also happy because lots of her friends are in her class...Elli, Kai, and Robbie from our neighborhood and Lanay from her cheer squad.

Last night was Meet the Teacher. We brought all of Maddie's supplies to her classroom, met her teacher and got to see were her desk is. She has a desk instead of a table this year. That is a big thing to her.

Maddie showing off her favorite notebook that she picked out.

The front of Maddie's school.

Maddie standing by her desk. She sits next to Kai. We'll see how long that lasts. LOL!

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Tina said...

My baby girl is growing up...1st grade! I remember when you went to 1st grade...WOW.

I LOVE the way the backpack and lunch box came out and I agree about the quality!


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