Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cheer Camp

Today is Cheer Camp for the girls. They are going to a camp put on by the High School cheerleaders of a nearby school. We met up with their coach, Lauren, this morning at 7:45 for them to go with her to camp. They were super excited. Here is a video of them practicing before we left for camp.

Chicken Cheer from april varney on Vimeo.

I spent the last week making these shirts and bows for their team.

It was alot of work, but it was worth it because they looked so cute this morning.

I already talked to Lauren and she said they are having fun. We are going at 3:30 to watch their show. They should be exhausted today after being at camp from 8:30-4.


Tina said...


Great job on the shirts and bows...they look so cute!

Can't wait for cheer season to start....


Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

They are so cute!

Carrie Guernsey said...

I love the shirts and the bows. You are such a great friend and mom to do this for all of the girls. I know it was a ton of work. Sorry for sleeping when you needed me ;). You are the best! It made the girls look like such a stand out team!!

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