Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Golf Cart

Last summer my Dad won a golf cart. The kids knew about it and have been dying to take it for a spin, but it was down in Beaumont. Earlier in the summer we borrowed a friends trailer and picked it up. We have been using it around the neighborhood ever since. The kids love driving it. We have taken it to friends houses and to the lake. There is a trail all the way to the swimming area that is perfect for it. We really should be walking, but it sooo hot and the golf cart is much more fun. :)

Today we took it out so Addison could drive (they only operate the steering wheel not the gas pedal). We didn't have anywhere to go so we just rode around the neighborhood. (We get some really strange looks.) Anyway everyone got a turn driving and when we got back they decided it needed to be cleaned. They did a great job scrubbing it clean.

I was trying to take Maddie's picture and she huffed and said "Only one more Mom, I'm trying to clean!"

Wow, I need to figure out how to channel that cleaning energy into their rooms.


Tina said...

What BIG girls...Papa is going to be so happy...nothing like a clean golf cart.

I'm so glad you guys are enjoying it....

I still have never even rode in it.



Anonymous said...

LOL! After Maycee and Addison eat extra veggies and get a little taller (Maddie doesn't need the extras as I understand), I'll hire them to wash my car!


Carrie Guernsey said...

Wow, tell me your secret. I have lots of things that need a scrub down like that and a set of very unmotivated and unwilling twins LOL.

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