Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Water Fun and a Sleepover!

Today Ashley and I took the girls to a little water park. They have a kiddie area with slides and stuff, a pool, a big slide and a lazy river. They were very excited to go.
Miss Addison. That girl is so fast I never got a good picture of her. Maddie finishing on the little slide.
Maycee 'water bombing' people in the lazy river.

The BIG slide!
Uh Oh! Not quite tall enough.
It is so tough being the little sister :(
She was not happy about this height rule. I really felt sorry for her because there weren't any good size slides for her. Maddie told her to eat more vegetables so she could grow taller and be able to ride. That really ticked her off (which I can understand because she is definitely the better eater when it comes to vegetables!)
Maddie waiting her turn.
Maddie on the big slide.
It's snack time!
Sweet baby girl. She loved splashing in the water.
After the water park, Addison came to spend the night with us. We had to come straight home to get ready for cheer practice. They have been having practice 3 times a week for 1.5 hours each day. Wow! It's kept us busy, but they LOVE it. Addison said she couldn't go to cheerleading practice because she didn't have her cheerleading suit. So we had to find her one. I wouldn't want to send the girl the cheer practice unprepared. (No pictures from tonight's practice, but here is one from the practice she came to a week ago. Notice she was wearing a cheerleading suit that day also.)
After practice we came home to have breakfast for dinner (pancakes and bacon), the girls played barbies and candy land while Guy and I cooked. After that is was bathtime.
This is where they are now. So sweet. So exhausted. I sure hope they sleep late in the morning :-)


mickie said...

so cute.. looks like a great water park

Tina said...

What Kennedi didn't come to the "Slumber Party"....what is up with that! LOL

Looks like the water park was lots of fun....poor Maycee it's tough being SHORT....


April said...

Thanks Mickie...It was a cool water park and pretty cheap also :) Only $20 for all 3 of us.

Mom, I know I feel bad. You know Kennedi has never slept over at our house. I feel like such a bad Aunt! We are gonna have to change that real soon.

Carrie Guernsey said...

Looks like yall had a blast. Wish we would have come...but this was on dentist day and well you know how that went..

The girls look so precious sleeping. You have done a really great job at staying active this summer and giving them lots of fun things to do. I am sure you are ready for a vacation ;)

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