Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ward Family Camping Trip

We had a great time at Powell Park on Lake Sam Rayburn with the Ward Bunch and even got to see some other family. It was a great weekend lots of sun, a little rain, perfect temperatures and not nearly as many mosquitoes as I was expecting. We swam, boated, danced, drank, tubed, fished, ate, drank some more and caught up with each other and reminisced about old times.
Daytime Fun!!!
Nighttime Fun!!!

All the Kids!

Adam blowing out the candles (lighter) on his birthday cake. Happy 30th Birthday, Adam!!The first one was destroyed in the storm on Thursday night. It was submerged in water when the cooler flipped over and then attacked by ants. The kids still wanted to eat it. YUCK! But Aunt Kathy saved the day and baked a new one ( at her house, she wasn't camping) and brought it to Adam. It was YUMMY and so thoughtful of her. Nothing like fresh homemade birthday cake.
Dad and Uncle Dan frying fish. We had a weekend packed with Yummy food. Awesome Fried Fish, Gumbo and Burgers. Not to mention fantastic pancakes and bacon. Why does everything taste so good when you're camping?

The view from the beach. In the water (Uncle Chuck, Aunt Kathy, Guy and ), on the tube (Maddie and Madison), on the boat (Dad, Uncle Dan, Kaleigh, Maycee, Aunt Diane and Jason.)

Adam, Ashley Addison and Kennedi

The Party Boat! Yes they are dancing (Adam, Kaleigh and Danielle) and yes that is the infamous Captain Tina driving. The only thing left to your imagination is hearing Low (Check out this link , this kid is hilarious. I don't know who he is, but I saw it on Facebook a few days ago) by Flo Rida blaring from the radio and Danielle blowing that air horn to announce their arrival. Don't worry they aren't the only ones that did some dancing on the party boat over the course of the weekend. :-)
Oh, and I forgot to mention...the party boat wasn't lost all day, it was just out sight seeing!!

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Tina said...

Captain Tina here....

These are beautiful pictures...yes we did have such a great time!


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