Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guy's Birthday Breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table

Today was Magic Kingdom all day. We were having breakfast in Cinderella's castle and the girls very super excited about it.

It was also Guy's Birthday. He doesn't love Disney as much as we do. He enjoys it, but he isn't crazy about it like us. He was being a very good sport to spend his birthday there and on top of that it worked out to be the day we were eating in the castle, probably not his first choice.

We started out the morning with Guy's birthday present and the girls pinning his Birthday button on him. If you've never been on your birthday, you wear a happy birthday button with you name on it and everyone tells you Happy Birthday All Day. The girls loved it, Guy not so much. LOL!

And then we were off to the bus stop with two beautiful Cinderellas for a quick ride to Magic Kingdom.

We rode just a few quick rides and then checked in for our Royal Breakfast.

There was a meet and greet with Cinderella in the lobby before we were seated. (I liked it better when they used to have the Fairy Godmother in the lobby and Cinderella in the Dining Room.)

We took a few pictures around the lobby while we waited.

Finally we were seated. The restaurant is so pretty, so expensive, but so pretty. We probably won't eat a the castle again for a long time. It is one of those things we did with Maddie, so we wanted to do it with Maycee too, but it is too expensive to do every trip. There are so many better things to spend $150 on than eggs and bacon. LOL.

Each of the girls was given a wishing star and a wand.

and they had a little ceremony where they made a wish.
They met Snow White,



and Belle.

Our waiter brought a cupcake and sang to Guy. I hadn't even told them about his birthday on the breakfast reservation, it was on our room reservation though and they were linked.

And Maddie and Maycee devoured it. :)

I think they enjoyed breakfast in the castle.

The princesses in front of the castle.

We watched this little parade, again...

and then the princesses were itchy and we had to find a bathroom for a wardrobe change.

Next on the agenda was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

And then Small World

Fun Rides

Terrible Pictures

After Small World we had met up with Ashley and Adam and headed to Snow White's Scary Adventure. As we headed into the (very short) line, a cast member noticed the girl's Snow White outfits and asked them to be Snow White's special guests on the ride and brought us through a side entrance to the front of the line. The girls thought that was great.

Maycee faking scared.

Kennedi NOT faking scared.

Attempt one at this picture.

Attempt two.

Attempt three. Obviously not happening. Let's move on.

Goofy's Barnstormer

And then we were all tired and decided to head back to the pool.

We took the train to Main street,

Guy picked up his Birthday Gift Card from City Hall,

and we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool.

That evening Guy and I headed to Downtown Disney, alone. Ashley and Adam were nice enough to watch the girls for us and we enjoyed a night out for Guy's Birthday. We had a good time walking around, shopping and eating at Planet Hollywood.

On our way out we had to get a few more pics in the lobby.

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