Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom

It was time for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. I was hoping it would go well because 2 years ago we bought tickets to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and it rained and rained and flooded and was a total nightmare. So we were off, no chance of rain and nice temps. Yay!!

And on top of having a fun night at the party planned, it was our first time in the Magic Kingdom (our favorite park) for this trip.

Everyone was crazy excited and sick of me taking pics.

First on the agenda....another picture. There was a photopass spot set up looking down Main Street with the decorations and castle in the background. Me and the girls stood in the long line while Guy ran to some shops to find Maddie some Mickey ears on a headband like Maycee's that weren't fuzzy. LOL. We never did find any, Maycee's had come with her Halloween costume a few years ago.

We took the picture, which I don't have yet becuase we haven't gotten our photopass cd yet and then watched this little parade/show from Main Street. Little did we know we would see this show at least a bazillion times over the next few days. :) It was annoying then, but I would love to see it right now.

And then took some more pictures.

This is the castle before they turned on the Christmas lights for the night.

Looking back towards the entrance. It looks really crowded in this picture, but it really wasn't. It was just busy on Main Street because the day people were leaving the park and the party people were arriving. They rest of the park was great.

Kennedi. I have no idea what she is clapping for, but isn't she cute?

Waiting for the castle lighting.

What is taking so long?

It was late (or maybe we had the time wrong) and we ended up giving up with plans of seeing it another night, but we never did she the actual lighting. So much to do so little time.

Okay time to eat. We chose Cosmic Rays again. They have a dance party with the characters and the kids loved it at the Halloween party.

And it was a hit again.

They danced,

and danced,

and danced

until we finally made them leave to find something else fun to do.

We also snapped some cute pics with Goofy and Pluto before the party started.

Now that we were full and were done dancing we headed to fantasyland for some rides. On the way we saw Alice and stopped for and autograph.

And then took a spin on the teacups.

No idea what's up with her face, but it cracks me up.

Guy always sits this one out. I don't understand why. Apparently he doesn't like to spin. :) It works out he takes the scary rides and I take the spinny rides. I absolutely love to spin in circles and the girls spend the whole ride screaming to go faster.

The first time we took Maddie to Disney whe was almost 3. Her and I rode the teacups and then all three of us got in line for Goofy's rollercoaster. She started chit chatting with the little boy behind and us and we heard her tell him that her Dad was scared of the teacups. Guy straightened her out real quick....he's not scared he just doesn't like to spin. I'm not making fun though, it is very well known that Maycee and I are the big ole chickens in our family.
Speaking of Goofy's Barnstormer....

We rode it at some point during the party also.

And Dumbo....sadly this was the only time we rode Dumbo this trip and I didn't get a picture of Maddie on it. (except in the background of this picture)

Scrooge McDuck was having a MeetNGreet for the party so we stopped for a quick picture and autograph.

Minnie's house was up next. All of the girls were very excited to visit her house. It is very cute and intereractive. Food in the fridge, you turn on the microwave and popcorn flies everywhere, and lots of other cute stuff.
This year.

Two years ago. They definaly fill up the couch better now.

Minnie's sewing machine.
This Year.

Two years ago. They've grown so much.

Checking out Minnie's diet cookies. There is a note saying "Please enjoy my diet cookies" or something very similar. The cookies are "diet" because they are under a piece of glass, but I don't think any of the girls ever really got it. LOL

Checking out the fridge. They were talking about all her food.

Maddie and Maycee in her sunroom.

And they were able to meet her in her garden.

I don't remember why Kennedi isn't in this picture, but it is amazing that Maddie made it in the picture. While we were in line we gave each of the girls a few glow bracelets. Maddie was messing with hers and somehow busted it. I looked down and she was glowing in a splatter pattern. All over her face and half of her clothes. First she was laughing, but she quickly started screaming. It was in her eye. Luckily we had a bottle of water and got her eyes cleared out. All this is going on in line with 50 other people looking at us.

We had a few uneventful minutes in line and then she tripped, over her own feet and started falling forward, but caught her balance, almost...and then fell backwards over the little fence and into Minnie's garden. Literally on her but, in the flowers and crying again. LOL I know the people around us were glad when it was our turn and we were out of line and away from us. She was a walking disaster. LOL

Our meet and greet was done and Maddie was all happy again, so we headed into a store to look around. Maycee found a Minnie Mouse that she had to have and Maddie found a Mickey headband.

We were gonna meet Mickey, but then we realized we didn't have time for Mickey and fireworks, and fireworks won. When we got over to Main Street we realized the lights were on the castle now and it looked beautiful.

We found us a spot and sat to wait for them to begin. Guy and Adam ran and got everyone some hot chocolate and cookies. They give them out free at the Christmas Party.

They do a special fireworks show for the Christmas party, so this was our only chance to see it. And Maycee was dying to see Tinkerbell fly. A cast member had told her about it earlier in the day and she had been asking every 10 minutes since it got dark when we were gonna see Tink fly.

Finally they started and Maycee finally saw Tinkerbell.

Everyone enjoyed the show,

except Addison. She was covering her eyes, but watching through her fingers for the end of the show.

Next up was the parade. We headed over to find a spot. We decided to watch it from Frontierland and found a great spot.

Kennedi was passed out in the stroller.

The parade was great and the kids enjoyed it.

There was lots of character interaction.

After the parade we rode a few more rides, including Space Mountain. This was a big surprise for Maddie. Space mountain was closed for refurbishment until our last day. I had read that sometimes they open early so we decided to walk over and check. It was open for testing so Guy and Maddie rode first, then Maddie and me. Maycee was tall enough, but she wasn't interested. It was fun. Much smoother than it used to be. While we were taking turns riding, we watched this little show with Maycee.

When we were done riding it was Midnight. The party was over and we were exhausted. We started to make our way out to the bus stop, and enjoyed the snow on Main Street on the way out.

It was a long, but fun day.



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The Staten Family said...

Looks like you had a great time. Love all the pictures - thanks for sharing!

April said...

Thanks Jennifer,we did have a great time!

Are you enjoying your new embroidery machine. Which one did you get?

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