Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another Morning at Hollywood Studios

This was going to be our second day in the parks and a very long day. We were spending the morning at Hollywood Studios, going back to the hotel for a (hopefully) long nap and then to the Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom from 4-midnight.

We were on the ball this morning and were too early to get in the park. (It opened at 9am, but you can get in early with a breakfast reservation.)

We were there at 7:45 am, so while we waited we snapped some really cute picks of the girls.

Ashley made their hairbows and they may be my favorite hairbows of the week :) I think this was the only day they wore outfits that weren't handmade, but the super cute bows made up for it.

Finally, they let us in and we were headed to breakfast, but we stopped on the way for some pics in front of the Sorcerer's Hat.

We had a breakfast reservation at 8:05am for Play and Dine at Hollywood and Vine. It is a breakfast with the Playhouse Disney characters....JoJo, Goliath, June and Leo.

Last time we were at Disney Maycee was hardcore Little Einsteins fan, so this had been a Must Do for us. This year Maddie and Maycee aren't as interested in these characters, but Addison is and it was most likely a last chance for us. I am very glad we did it, because Maycee really enjoyed it. Maddie wasn't feeling well this morning so she didn't really enjoy it at all, but thankfully she was feeling better very quickly and didn't have to miss any time in the park.

The characters started coming and the girls had a great time collecting autographs and taking pics.

Ashley had been worried that Kennedi would be scared of the characters.

That wasn't a problem this trip. :)
The food was great, we were all stuffed and it was time for some fun in the park.

As we were deciding what to do first we ran into Minnie. How exciting!

And we were off again. (Yes, he's on the phone and with work. At least is was one of only a very few times they bothered him.)

The girls had picked our first ride of the day.

Luckily there was no line.

And soon we were wearing our goofy 3-d glasses again.

We were starting today with the same ride we finished yesterday with. Buzz Lightyear!

Next up, a little shopping. Guy tried on a Birthday hat.

And the girls discovered pressed pennies, which they collected for the rest of the trip.

After some shopping, we met Sorcerer Mickey. The girls really were excited, even though it is very hard to tell from this pic. LOL I don't remember any reason for the grumpy faces.

We also met the character from Up while in this area, but the pics aren't great, the girls weren't that excited about it, the characters had zero personality, and I can't even remember their names.

Maycee wanted to meet the other two Little Einsteins, but they weren't out yet, so we headed over to see Beauty and the Beast, Live on Stage. This was another show we had never seen. (If you can't tell, we've never spent a whole lot of time at this park).

It was a fantastic show.

The girls were all mesmerized.

And the adults enjoyed it also.

Next up, back to meet the rest of the Little Einsteins.

June was with Quincy in the meet and greet area since it was lunch time and she was done meeting people at Breakfast at Hollywood and Vine ;)

It was gonna be another 20 minutes to meet Annie because they switch out every 30 minutes, so we headed for one last ride on....you guessed it....Buzz Lightyear and then came back to meet Annie.
Yummy!!! It was Mickey Ice Cream time and Maycee wanted a Popsicle. What is wrong with that girl? LOL. It was the only time this trip that she made that mistake. She didn't really like it and quickly wished she had an ice cream like everyone else.

Our last ride at Hollywood Studios was The Great Movie Ride and actually there's nothing great about it. It was so/so and it scared the crap out of Maycee. She isn't into the whole gunfight thing, and she is still at the age that she believes it's all 100% real.

We headed back to our hotel with just enough time for a nap and changing clothes for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

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