Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Early Christmas Present

We gave the girls an early Christmas Present last night.

Our good friends dog had puppies

and the girls have been playing with them since they were first born.

So we decided to let them have a puppy as one of their Christmas presents, but we couldn't wait until Christmas.

But, we couldn't just give it to them without teasing. First they had to be told all that puppy stuff was for a little stuffed puppy.

They didn't fall for it and it wasn't long before they were loving on a sweet little boy puppy

who still doesn't have a name.

Got any ideas?

Guy is calling him Jig, the girls are calling him Muffin and I'm not calling him anything because I don't think either name fits him.

Some other names that were suggested were Minnie (by Maycee), Mickey, Smelly (LOL...NOT HAPPENING), Riley, Red, Spoon, Berkley and Ella (again by Maycee).

I don't think Stinky is very happy with us. (By the way I am making sure that we give him a name that doesn't completely embarrass me when I have to answer the what is his name question at the vet. We obviously didn't think that part through when we (Guy) named Stinky!)



Kaleigh said...

hahaha... ELLA.. lol thats original maycee.. poor baby.. he is sooo adorable.. seriously.. : ) cant wait to meet the little booger!!

mickie said...

AWE! He's so cute!! I want one... well, no I better not lol.. So precious! How about Pete?

Anonymous said...

He's precious! What breed is he? How about Shadow? "mom...where's my sock?" ...only "Shadow" knows!


April said...

Thanks y'all!

Pete and Shadow are both very cute names. We had the hardest time thinking of boy names, but Berkley stuck. So I guess that is his name now. Maycee calls him Berk e ley. LOL

mickie said...

berkely is cute! Can't wait to play with that little baby!

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