Friday, November 6, 2009

Bragging :)

Okay just a little bragging post about the girls.

Maddie has been having a great year of First Grade. All very high A's on her progress reports and report card, 100 on every spelling test so far, and all Green on her behavior charts since the beginning of the year. The green's are the biggest thing because she did not get all greens last year. We promised her at the beginning of the year that if she brought home one full chart (5 weeks) of green's we would go to Gatti Town. She did it! and she is well on her way to another full chart of greens. :)

She was also student of the week a couple of weeks ago. It's not a big deal, just her name in the class newsletter, but she was very excited and proud.

And...they were both in the paper. We don't even get or read the paper, but we came home one day and there was a paper in our yard and Maycee picked it up. She said "Hey, My picture is on this paper" I really didn't believe her, but I went to see what she was looking at anyway. She was correct the way the paper was rolled up, this

picture was all you could see. It is from the Autumn fest pageant. At first Maddie was a little sad, but we opened up the paper and this was a little further down the page. I think it's the first time they've been in the paper. I still don't know how it got in our yard, but I'm sure glad it did because otherwise we wouldn't even have known about it. You know, we haven't had another paper in our yard since then either. How strange???

And just to counter act the bragging, this is what I found when they were folding laundry the other day. Silly girls..... Yes, those are panties on their heads. They were very proud of themselves and just couldn't stop giggling. LOL Maddie even has her piggy tails pulled throught the leg holes.


mickie said...

They are getting so big! Way to go Maddie and Maycee!

kaleigh said...

awww.. so proud of them... and u can brag all you want. haha... and the last picture is priceless.. : )

Tina said...

I BRAG all the time about all of are entitled!

I'm very proud of Maddie....she is doing so good in school.


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