Sunday, November 29, 2009

Arrival Day

Part 2 of our vacation

Finally we had arrived at Disney World. We were all so excited. We had made such good time that we decided to add a day to our Disney Reservation instead of stopping at an offsite hotel. So not only were we at Disney, but we were there a day early.

We couldn't wait to get out of the car, so even though we were all looking very rough from our long car ride we all got out and went to check in and explore the hotel lobby.

Some pics of the kids in the lobby. Notice they still have their bows from the wedding the day before. LOL. At least they have bows in at all. :)

And a picture of the lake that the rooms surround. It was very nice. It wasn't the hotel I would have chosen when we were making reservations, but Ashley had heard good things about it and it is the only Moderate Disney hotel that has Queen beds instead of Double which sounded very good to me. As it turned out I am thrilled that we stayed here. I had a plan that I wanted to stay at a different hotel every time we visit Disney until we had tried them all. That will be a difficult plan to stick with now. I really fell in love with this hotel.

It was now time to head to our rooms and get unpacked.

These pictures were only taken about an hour apart. It didn't take us long to make a disaster of the room.

And we quickly took the kids out to explore the grounds.

They were full of energy.

Now time for a swim. The guys were in the room watching the Cowboys.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for bed. Next day was going to be a fun filled day at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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mickie said...

beautiful pics! looks like a great hotel.. we were talking about disney on the way home. Pat's never been, I can't wait till Katie's a little bigger to go!!

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