Friday, April 3, 2009

Softball Practice

On Thursday, Maddie had her first softball practice. She said she likes it. I guess we'll see if she stays interested. I hope she does.

Maddie is in the pink catching the ball

Doing what she does best in sports. Playing in the dirt.

When Maddie played t-ball when she was three she was the only girl on her team. They didn't really play positions they just put them all out on the field when the other team was batting. She was between the pitchers mound and first base when I heard her coach, who didn't seem to enjoy having a girl on his team even though it was supposed to be a coed league, shouted "There's no angels in baseball!" I looked out and Maddie was laying in the dirt making 'Snow' Angels in the dirt.

So...I guess we will call this season a success if she doesn't make any 'snow' angels in the middle of a game. :}

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