Monday, January 19, 2009

"You know she eats boobies, right?"

On Wednesday of last week I watched Addison and Kennedi because Ashley had something to do.

A little after Ashley left Kennedi started fussing. Maycee asked why she was crying and I said I think she is hungry. Maycee looked at me a little strange, gestured to my chest and said "You know she eats boobies, right?" I quickly told her that today she was eating from a bottle.

While I was feeding Kennedi, Addison was playing in the playroom. It is directly off the living room and I left the french doors open, but I couldn't quite see the whole room. Specifically I couldn't see the shelves on the wall. Addison called out in the calmest voice "April", and I asked her what she needed to which she replied, "April", again I asked her what she needed and got the same response, "April". Remember, I was feeding Kennedi (from a bottle) so I asked Maycee to go see what she needed. Maycee goes in the playroom and calmly said "I think you want to see this."

This is what I saw.

(She has no clothes because her and Maycee had been playing dress up.)

Maycee and Kennedi

Maycee and Addison being silly, making angels.

Kennedi napping on the couch.


mickie said...

haha that was a good one. The kids are so cute! Thank goodness yall didn't have another broken bone with her on that shelf! Miss you guys, Mickie

majicmitch said...

LOL funny. You should submit that to Readers Digest, Kids say the darnest things. I think they give away money.

April said...

I'll have to check in to Readers Digest. It still makes me laugh. She was very concerned for me :)

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