Friday, April 16, 2010

Pink Panthers Soccer

It is spring time and that means soccer season is in full force. Maycee loves soccer. Maddie played for several seasons, but she strongly disliked it. :) Maycee is very excited that it is finally her turn to play after 6 seasons of sitting on the sidelines watching.

She is very tough. She has already bonked heads with another player which left a lump on her forehead and was hit in square in the face with the ball when it was kicked and didn't stop playing either time. It is amazing how tough she is.



Tina said...

That's my Maycee...she is one tough girl!


Kaleigh said...

haha yeah she is VERY tough!! and VERY good at soccer : )

Anonymous said...

Awe I can't wait for Presley to play soccer! Let's hope it goes better than t-ball! lol

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